A SNOWMAN Approved Beach Bag

A properly stocked beach bag is always important when heading to the beach or on a day trip. Below we’ve listed 10 functional beach bag must-haves!

1. Stylish Bag, enough space
Every beach trip needs a generously spacious tote that can carry all of your essentials. Try finding a lightweight and water resistant bag that will be your most perfect beach companion.

2. Comfy Shoes
Strappy sandals may not be the best idea for the beach. Pack a pair of cute flip flops for an easy slip on and off.

3. Beach Hat
Sun protection is key! Wearing a hat can protect your scalp and block the rays that are hitting your face and neck.

4. Sunscreen
Along the lines of sun protection, sunscreen is another must have! Don’t forget important skin areas like your nose when lathering up! You can also use sunscreen lip balm to protect your lips because it is a thin layer of skin that can use some help.

5. Reading Material
While working on your tan maybe pick up a nice read! Maybe a mystery or a fiction based, the options are endless!

6. Phone Portable Charger
In this day and age of smartphones and technology, charging outlets have become so popular. However, at the beach they are sparse or even nonexistent. How will you snapchat or instagram the perfect beach picture? Look into purchasing a handy portable charger - you can take it anywhere and always be on the go!

7. Wrap Up
A full length and printed sarong is so handy because it can be wrapped up to be short or kept long to protect the legs. It also makes a great fashion statement.

8. Snacks
Want a quick bite? Pack some watermelon and frozen grapes in a plastic container and snack on them throughout the day to stay hydrated.

9. Tablet Pouch
Bringing your iPad, Kindle, or Smartphone to the beach can be a hassle. The sand and the constant heat can damage the device and leave you with nothing to do. A tablet or electronic pouch is the perfect protector.

10. Hand Sanitizer and Lotion
Lounging on the beach all day is fun but remember to use hand sanitizer before eating. Germs live in the most unexpected places. You can also apply some lotion for moisture.


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