At SNOWMAN we know down. We implement luxurious construction techniques to create high quality down outerwear tailor-made for sophisticated city life. Our experienced team values a collaborative, research-based approach to design innovation. We strive to embody the spirit of New York City by understanding our clientele. Each SNOWMAN silhouette demonstrates culture and attitude because our researchers tap into what makes urbanites “tick” before the design process even begins. With extensive knowledge of manufacturing and branding, SNOWMAN team members craft outerwear with lines and shapes that fit perfectly within the city landscape. We represent New Yorkers’ character by prioritizing fashion, warmth and comfort. SNOWMAN: high fashion, urban down.
Mission Statement: SNOWMAN actively crafts the urban experience. New York City culture defines our aesthetic, and our customers define NYC culture. We supply an innovative, top quality fashion lifestyle for professional urbanites. By giving prime construction a smart appearance, SNOWMAN is designed to sustain city life.

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