The vibe of New York City pulses through SNOWMAN. We are the chic New Yorker strutting down Houston, hopping in a cab to the MoMa, and grabbing drinks before a big night out. Every mood, every attitude, every outfit change – we cover them all.

SNOWMAN thrives off the edge and flavor that characterizes the Big Apple. We know NYC is not just about the lush Central Park landscape or the perpetual daytime in Times Square. You get to dictate the New York City that we channel in our down outerwear collections. We are driven by the gourmet, hole-in-the-wall cafes as well as the creative, passionate minds that fill them. Those day-to-day experiences and treasured back-ally finds distinguish the New York City lifestyle from the rest – adventure and exploration are endless.
The city’s energy is palpable. SNOWMAN encapsulates the eternal heartbeat of this astonishing city. At the core of every SNOWMAN creation is a moment in the urban landscape. The symphony of rolling subway cars, street musicians, chatting friends, and roguish debates, echoes through our aesthetic. The seemingly mismatched juxtapositions, which give the city character, give us ideas – the graffiti-ridden brick with a metallic modern glass skyscraper in the background or the heart tattoo on the brooding ex-wrestler. Like these city-based oxymorons, SNOWMAN apparel combines spunk with simplicity, innovation with timelessness, and style with function. Like our city, SNOWMAN seeks to provide the blissfully unexpected.