Our premium down outerwear is ultra lightweight, resilient, and functional. Each jacket is filled with 90% dependable high loft 600-fill power thermal down insulation. We combine the feel of outdoor sportswear with the hook of high fashion.
- Shell: Water Resistant, Two-Ply 100% Down-Proof Nylon
- Fill: 90% Pure Premium Down, 10% feather fill
- Lining: 100% nylon
- Machine Washable (most styles)
Because our jackets are filled with 90% down at 600-fill power, there is no need for additional layers or bulk. With just one layer underneath a SNOWMAN ORIGINAL, your torso will stay warm in freezing temperatures.
The high down ratio and high fill power also make our jackets breathable, ultra lightweight, and compressible. We present advanced down technology in our apparel.
We have incorporated details into every jacket that protect you from the cold. All styles have elastic sleeves cuffs to block wind chill. Certain styles feature removable hoods, removable fur trim, and elastic waistbands. Drawstrings on the hood and hemline of our jackets give an additional level of warmth.
Two-ply 100% down-proof nylon means our jackets have a low feather shed. The two layers of nylon protect the down filling, keeping the surface of your coat smooth and feather-free. Our Nylon is comprised of equal warp densities and weft densities. This balance improves the feather block technology.
The cut of our jackets is designed to accentuate your shape. Unlike other puffer coats that provide winter warmth, our coats create slim, flattering lines. Our asymmetrical hemlines flaunt your curves, and our waistlines create hourglass shapes.
SNOWMAN: Top quality materials and fashionable styles for prices that exist nowhere else.
SNOWMAN OUTERWEAR: 90% Down, 10% Feather 600 Fill-Power – Less Bulk, Less Weight, No Additional Layers Needed
OTHER FASHION BRANDS: 50% Down, 50% Feather 300-500 Fill-Power
STANDARD OUTDOOR-GRADE, Technical Coats: 80%+ Down, 20%+ Feather 550+ Fill-Power

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