SNOWMAN New York x AKM Collaboration Gets Featured in Japanese SENSE Magazine We, here at SNOWMAN New York, are extremely excited and proud to share that our collaboration with Japanese Fashion Boutique AKM has culminated in our Bond jacket being awarded number 1 “Best Outer” wear in SENSE Magazine’s December 2020 issue...continue reading

Updates from SNOWMAN New York

We all, here at SNOWMAN New York, hope you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy! We want to take a moment to address important issues and share some exciting SNOWMAN news.  

The COVID-19 pandemic that has swept across the world has led to some very troubling. We watch in dismay as so many of our fellow designers, manufacturers and retailers are faltering during and are forced to take some drastic measures in order to survive. It.. continue reading

United We Stand


We at SNOWMAN New York are in support of the Black community.

To remain silent is no longer a neutral or tenable position when people live in fear of systemic racism. SNOWMAN New York supports our employees, friends, partners, and communities in the fight against all forms of racism, injustice, and inequity.. continue reading


From all of us, here at SNOWMAN New York, we would like to say thank you to all the men and woman who laid down their lives, paying the ultimate price, for our freedom. On this last Monday of May, Memorial Day, you shall always be remembered for your sacrifice and we are deeply grateful. We would also like to.. continue reading

How To Propagate Your Leafy Friend!

Did you know you can make more of your houseplant? You can simply propagate them! Propagation is the asexual reproduction in plants. In other words, you can clone ANY plant you have! 

With Mother’s Day just past, and the summer beckoning, it is planting season now. Though with ongoing lockdown and Stay-Home mandates, it is a little hard to go get flowers, vegetable and other plants. Therefore...continue reading  

Happy Mother's Day from SNOWMAN New York

This Sunday we will all celebrate our Mothers, show them our appreciation and love, thank them for everything they have done for and given us over the years.  However, celebrations of any kind are a little, how should we say, tricky at the moment.  If only we could postpone it, move the day to when we can be with our mothers and celebrate them the way we wished we could...continue reading

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