• Get Moving this NYFW with SNOWMAN’s ACTION Collection!
Get Moving this NYFW with SNOWMAN’s ACTION Collection!

This NYFW, we are introducing SNOWMAN’s Action Collection, an innovative take on Spring 2015 outerwear.   The premier runway viewing of this collection, hosted by The Fashion Gallery, took place Thursday, September 4th.  Stylists, Editors, and Fashion-lovers attended this exclusive showcase and ogled at SNOWMAN’s new take on outerwear.  This collection, complete with water-resistant and water proof coats, is not to be missed.  From classic trenches to cropped, sporty looks, ACTION brings versatility to the season.  At SNOWMAN, we are giving you the opportunity to be your best self.  EMBRACE the SNOWMAN woman in you!

The inspiration for the ACTION Collection is the classic 1950’s housecoat.  Characterized by elegance and simplicity, clothing in this era emphasized women’s figures.  We have used this inspiration to create comfortable, yet structured coats with slimming lines.  Channel your 1950’s glamour and femininity in these SNOWMAN designs.  Each piece is a timeless wardrobe addition.  From cropped parkas to hooded capes, there is a coat to suit any style.

The utility found in these coats is elsewhere unmatched. Luxurious fabrics, sleek designs, and top quality construction techniques distinguish the collection pieces from other raincoats. Complete with water resistant fabrics, protective hoods, and detachable elements, this collection embraces versatility.

The down items in the ACTION Collection refer to SNOWMAN’s pre-existing identity as a premium outerwear brand.  These pieces meet our quality standards, filled with 90% down fill at 600 fill-power.  The slimming lines of these jackets and shockingly lightweight feel, set these items apart from other down garments.  By taking a 1950’s silhouette and creating a contemporary piece of down outerwear, SNOWMAN demonstrates its innovative capacity with the ACTION Collection.

Don’t cover-up your outfit when the clouds roll in; embrace your new look.  Thanks to the ACTION Collection, rain will never ruin your day.  We allow you to seize it.

Imagine yourself with a SNOWMAN coat this spring.  With a SLICE or RIDE, the possibilities are endless. With SNOWMAN you can write your own story and be the starring ingénue.  The ACTION Collection, a modern take on vintage fashion, is a functional lifestyle accompaniment.  Get the freedom to go, do, see, and explore.  Don’t just talk about it or think about it… Go discover your inner leading lady.

Put a spring in your STEP with SNOWMAN’s fresh pops of color.  Our vibrant yellows, purples, and oranges will add cheer to any narrative.  These colors are versatile and not exclusively seasonal.  Wear these coats no matter where you go, what you do, and when you do it!  As you write your story, let these energetic coats drive the fire inside you, encouraging and inciting action!  Embrace your surroundings with unstoppable outerwear. Stroll the streets, greet friends, travel the world, conquer fears… just do!

At SNOWMAN we know your story will not always be filled with sunshine and butterflies.  But when heartbreak interferes and rain clouds appear, SNOWMAN has your back.  Count on our ACTION Collection through thick and thin – blue skies and grey.  With our durable, fashionable coats, you can resolve any obstacle by day’s end.

The ACTION Collection equips you with the means to experience everything your environment has to offer. Be your most fabulous, adventurous self with SNOWMAN by your side.

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