A Daily Guide to Summer Thrills in NYC

New York City is full of adventure. It’s easy to make a wrong turn and end up somewhere delightfully unexpected. The city is never tiresome, so don’t let yourself get into a summer slump. After all, there’s always something brand new to be found. Luckily, this article will help guide you through unique activities for each day of the week. Follow this guide to avoid any dull moments this sunny season.



Mister Sunday

When? Sundays throughout the summer from 3:00-9:00pm.

Where?  It is held at a courtyard between two buildings in Industry City, 644 2nd Avenue in Brooklyn.

What? A daytime party consisting of a diverse group of people of all ages. There are tacos, huaraches, vegan food, soda, sangria, and Brooklyn-brewed beers. It cost $15 but there is a limited collection of $10 tickets as well if you buy them early. Garden lights, a no phone policy on the dance floor, and groovy music make the scene particularly cool.



Bryant Park HBO Summer Film Festival

When? The area opens at 5:00pm on Mondays from June through August. The film begins 30 minutes after sunset.

Where? On the lawn at Bryant Park (42nd St. and 6th Avenue.)

What? This year marks the 23rd anniversary of this annual event. HBO presents a impressive collection of classic movies in Bryant Park free of charge. Snacks, chairs, and/or blankets are advised as well as arriving early to ensure a good seat.



Highline Stargazing

When? Every Tuesday at dusk through 9:00pm from April through October. Viewing times and locations are subject to change depending on the weather but updates can be found on Twitter by following @highlinenyc. These updates are available on Tuesdays by 3:00pm.

Where? On the Highline, between West 13th and West 15th streets.

What? Escape the rush of the city and indulge in some beautiful nature sites. Free stargazing is available through high-powered telescopes provided by Amatuer Astronomer’s Association. You can also talk to experts about the views throughout the event. You can stay after 9:00pm for some dinner and dessert at the location.



Bryant Park Ping-Pong Tournament

When? The first Wednesday of every month from May through October at 6:30pm.

Where? On the 42nd Street side of Bryant Park near 6th Avenue.

What? Free ping-pong tournaments with provided the equipment. Sign-up with the ping-pong host to reserve your 10 minute slot. Registrations is necessary and open one month before the event. The games are bracket-style, single-elimination tournaments. Winners will be awarded with a Bryant Park Ping-Pong trophy.


The Green Hour at The Dead Rabbit

When? Every Monday through Friday at 5:00-7:00pm.

Where? The Dead Rabbit, located at 30 Water Street, near Broad Street.

What? This bar is winner of World’s Best New Cocktail Bar in 2014 and Best Cocktail Bar in America in 2013, proving that it’s an essential place to hit this summer. In The Parlor section (upstairs) you can get 1$ oysters and a selection of specially priced Pernod Absinthe Cocktails during this time.



Hester Nights

When? Thursdays in May through September at 5:00-10:00pm.

Where? At the Eventi Hotel Plaza, 851 6th Avenue Entrances on 29th and 30th streets

What? Hester Nights is an artisanal food night market. On Thursday evenings you can sample some delectable food and drinks.



Camaradas El Barrio

When? Open 3:00pm-2:00am on Fridays

Where? Upper Manhattan, 2241 1st Avenue

What? Spend your Friday night right, enjoy live music and unique drinks and cuisine. Camaradas El Barrio serves craft beers, wine, cocktail, and Sangria. The food is inspired by Puerto Rican Cuisine. The Nuyorican pub menu is designed to accompany their cocktails which are reminiscent of Latin America and the Caribbean. Also, their walls are also used as gallery space and exhibit beautiful art. The live music focuses on local artists but the welcome new musicians from all over the world.



The Downtown Boathouse free kayak rides on the Hudson River

When? From May through October 9am-5:30pm.

Where? Pier 26,  located on the southern end of Hudson River Park on the West-side Highway.

What? After a brief instructional session, you are given the essential safety equipment as well as a changing area, locker, and sunblock. This program intends to unify the community through kayaking on the Hudson River waterfront.


Brooklyn Flea's Smorgasburg

When? On Saturday and Sundays from April through November at 11:00am-6:00pm.

Where? On Saturdays at 90 Kent Avenue (at North 7th Street) in Williamsburg. On Sundays in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5.

What? The smorgasburg includes both packaged and prepared foods drinks. Other items are also sold from NYC purveyors. In total around 75-100 vendors are at this weekly event. The event is always held despite any weather conditions.


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