• 5 Unconventional Things To Do Over The Holidays
5 Unconventional Things To Do Over The Holidays

Not traveling for the holidays? Don’t worry! 

It is all about gathering friends and family to celebrate a good time. Here are five unconventional things to do over the holidays in New York City.  

1. Karaoke

There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than Karaoke in the city! Some of my go-to’s in Manhattan are K-one, 32 Karaoke, and Karaoke Duet. You can sing your heart out in a private room full of your closest friends! Options are not limited to the hottest pop songs in different languages. So whether you’re an English-speaking, Chinese-speaking, Japanese-speaking, or Korean speaking person, these places have you covered!

2. Hotpot

Hotpot is just the most heartwarming meal to have with friends, especially in this cold weather. The key to a great hotpot is its flavorful broth base, the wide range of raw meats, vegetables, and some special housemade fish balls. Hotpot is the closest meal you can have to a wholesome dinner for Chinese families -- it is an opportunity for friends and family to get together and have great conversations. 99 Flavor Taste is one of my favorites. It is affordable and an all you can eat experience for only $24 per person! They also have a private dining room for parties of 10 or more people, perfect for group dinner!   

3. House of Yes

If you have never heard of House of Yes, then you are missing out on the clubbing scene in New York! It is so much more than a nightclub-- they have circus performances, different rooms with art installations, and even an outdoor hot tub! House of Yes celebrates inclusivity, collaboration, and self-expression. They make sure the audience knows that it is a safe place, where there’s no judgment, fear, racism, sexism, or any forms of discrimination. That is when you know it’s about to be a great experience!   

4. Self-Care

Are all of your friends out of town for the holidays? Make the holidays your self-care week! Here are a few things to try for your self-care routine. First of all, minimize your use of social media. It is a challenge, I know! Try to sign off all your social media accounts this weekend. Trust me, you won’t miss out much on the world. Second, do yoga in the morning. It really does make a difference to the rest of your day if you start it with a one-hour yoga session. Third, try out a CBD bath bomb. What combination screams self-care more than bath bomb and CBD! CBD provides relief for inflammation, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, helping you wind down for the night. Follow this routine to set yourself up for a perfect self-care day. 

5. Volunteer on giving back

We need to take a moment and appreciate even the smallest things in life. A lot of people can’t even enjoy a proper meal. There are tons of opportunities to volunteer in New York City from beach clean-ups to helping the homeless. Every week, Bedford Central Presbyterian Church provides food and self-care goods to the homeless. If you have extra clothing or other items you would like to donate, this event is for a great cause!  

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