• Introducing 3 Collection: The Coolest Outerwear
Introducing 3 Collection: The Coolest Outerwear

A breath of fresh air, SNOWMAN New York’s 3 Collection will surely have you coveting our newest pieces. This time, the coats revisited the meaning of New York City with three distinct looks: Funky Futuristic, Curious Minimalism and Wild Elegance. Opening up choices for any personality, this collection requires just one thing: adventure. After all, what else would we do with such unparalleled outerwear?

Funky Futuristic - Introducing avant-garde flairs, this look incorporates a unique hood that molds to shape the face or frame the shoulders majestically with the hood draped down. To match the hood, extended sleeves also render a modern taste. Both the hood and the sleeves can be detached, creating a futuristic aura that it was intended to have. Even the names of this look suggest futurism, such as “Surreal.” Although intricate in design, the two-way zipper in the front makes for a rather simple way to walk and the hidden elastic band inside sleeves block any wind for extra warmth. Also including seasonal colors like pumpkin spice and pale, smokey blue, these designs are for those who demand something bold and unique.

Curious Minimalism - This look speaks to the avant-garde minimalists who still want a little quirk to spice things up. This fitted down coat is perfectly tailored to show off the waist and to enhance curves. The detachable faux fur trim suspender adds a delightful touch as though it were a separate skirt, such as the one named “Avant-garde.” Pleasantly surprising, this look is a nod to the innovative mind behind the brand. Being different doesn’t have to be difficult.

Wild Elegance - With a little help from sophistication and the untamed, this look borrows details from complete opposites to create a unique twist on the classic puffer coat. Naming the long coats “Graceful,” “Dashing,” and “Polished,” this coat is for the women who call for elegance. Sleek and simple in silhouette, they are perfect for any occasion. The fur accents create a luxurious feel, such as the hood trimming around “Graceful.” The additional hidden button on the collar allows the coat to be closed all the way up to the neck -- because the first task of a coat is to be functional.

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