• SNOWMAN : The Adventures of Double Parking in NYC
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SNOWMAN : The Adventures of Double Parking in NYC

At SNOWMAN we like to share New York experiences, yours and ours.  We also believe, truly, that there is a place for an item of SNOWMAN apparel in every New York experience. So. Parking. Every year the NYC government gives out, on average, 9 million parking tickets per year.  Parking generates around $600 million in revenue.  No wonder they are such sticklers!  Not only are the rules strictly enforced, but also the rules are ambiguous.  The complex nuance of NYC parking has New Yorkers always hunting for loopholes, hoping to avoid a fine and snag that perfect spot.  Many of us are not car owners, we are the sensible ones who physically cram ourselves into subway cars during rush hour.  But every New Yorker is privy to parking woes. If you are a bicyclist, you can’t stand cars double-parked in your bike lane. And anyone riding an MTA bus has had to bypass a car parked in the bus lane.   But those of you with cars understand the annoyance of street cleaning days, and we can help you out.  No two people will ever 100% agree on “proper” street cleaning re-parking and/or car idling techniques.

But no matter your strategy, 1) amble around the block for 1.5 hours 2) leave your spot and return once the cleaner passes by 3) double park until 15 minutes before street cleaning ends or 4) another crazy activity that only a New Yorker would do, there will be time, every week, when you are idling in your car, waiting.

When it’s chilly, we know you want the heater on full-blast, but alas, we should all try to be a little “greener,” and who wants to waste that much fuel anyway?  My solution: wrap up in a cozy, down SNOWMAN jacket, crank down the heater, and jam to your favorite tunes.  You’re in New York, and in spite of parking inconveniences, things could be a whole lot worse.  With your SNOWMAN jacket and your prime global locations, you will be utterly cozy and stylish while you pass the time.    


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