SNOWMAN in Spring

They say April showers bring May flowers but does that mean I can wear my mini dress or not?

Spring is that in-between time where the sunshine fools you into thinking it’s time for strappy sandals and storing all your long-sleeve shirts away. But then night comes around. Chillier temperatures serve as a reminder that it’s not quite warm enough to let your toes out and that you need at least a cardigan to carry you warm into the night.

Thankfully Snowman has incorporated all these would-be problems into our newest collection.

The 2019 Adventure Collection features lightweight puffers, mesh sleeves, and even long vests and blazers to meet your Spring needs. And no need to lug around an “emergency jacket” during warm days either. Our jackets and raincoats are packable for all your just-in-case moments. 

Now that the concerns are out of the way, let's focus on the most important thing, how do you transition your wardrobe for the Spring? We’ve put together some style tips to help you look and feel Spring ready no matter what the weather throws at you.

Soft hair don’t care

Snowman’s signature pleats and glossy fabric give our jackets that extra pop to stand out in a crowd. This season we’ve also designed jackets with breathable mesh sleeves for those too-warm-for-long-sleeves but still-cold-for-short-sleeves weather. And the same concept propelled the design of another statement-making yet also practical jacket Fun Time, a super cropped lightweight down jacket. With statement pieces like these, go for a subtle hair-do like a pulled back pony or lightly tousled hair to balance it out. Let the jackets do all the talking for you. 

Vest as a Dress

Lightweight and packable,the Adventure collection is convenient without giving up any of the warmth you’ll need when the sun goes down. You can pair your Snowman jacket with a solid color mini dress or an ultra feminine skirt for that mix-and-match vibe. If you’re looking to shake up your style, one way to go is to wear our long vests as a dress. With the addition of gold zippers, our Selfie Vests are bold and edgy so much so that you wouldn’t need anything else to complete your outfit.

Leggings never go out of style

Ok I know we scared you just a little bit there but leggings are a must have no matter how warm or cold it is (or whether Athleisure is past tense). They come in all styles, colors, and fabrics so when in doubt pair your Snowman  jacket with a pair of leggings. Elevate your look by complimenting our eye catching designs with leather leggings especially on rainy days when the only thing that is going to keep you dry is our rain cloak. You’ll stand out even when it’s pouring.

The best accessory: A Classic Red Lip

Audrey Hepburn said there was a shade of red for every woman. If you never thought you were  a red lip kind of gal then let us tell you that now is the time to really go for it. Here at SNOWMAN we try new things everyday to bring forward new ideas and designs and we want you to join us of our adventure. We keep our color wheel classic with black, blue, and neutral tones so a red lip adds the right amount of pop to make heads turn and ask “Who’s that girl?”

Sneakers and boots from Spring to Summer

I don’t know about you, but when the warm weather hits, I want to walk just about everywhere. The city streets can leave your feet downright dirty and achy so before you strap yourself into your sandals let’s keep it chic yet comfortable with some black sneakers and boots. Try over the knee boots for shorter styles like our Journal down jacket and sneakers for longer ones like the Rush Hour. Plus there’s no rule that says you can’t wear closed toed shoes during warmer weather.

Spring brings in fresh ideas, beginnings, and new experiences. Hope our style guide will help you jump right into the season without any fear of trying something new. It’s all about balance and seeing what works for you but how will you really know unless you try? Venture out and remember that the limit is only in your head.

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