United We Stand


We at SNOWMAN New York are in support of the Black community.

To remain silent is no longer a neutral or tenable position when people live in fear of systemic racism. SNOWMAN New York supports our employees, friends, partners, and communities in the fight against all forms of racism, injustice, and inequity. 

Systemic racism and the events that have unfolded across America over the past few weeks serve as a reminder that urgent change is needed in our society. We see the pain of Black Communities in the USA and recognize the profound impact this racially motivated discrimination has on these communities. Together, we will stand against racial discrimination and violence. We know Black Lives Matter! 

Systemic racism of any type has no place in our modern society and must be eradicated.  It is time for humanity to move past all forms of race, color, creed, religion, and national origin discrimination!

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