• Ring in the New Year: Tips for Time Square Revelry by Snowman
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Ring in the New Year: Tips for Time Square Revelry by Snowman

The Times Square ball drop is an iconic New Year’s traditions.  Millions upon millions of individuals flock to Midtown Manhattan in order to join one of the world’s biggest parties.  Food, music, dancing, and mayhem are among the many draws of Time Square’s festivities.  Here are a few things you need to know about the big “Ball Drop.”  We’ve compiled a list of the best tactics, places to avoid, what to bring, event times, barricade locations, VIP ticket prices, and so on. 

Vehicular traffic will close along Broadway and 7th Ave at approximately 3:00pm on December 31st.  If you drive don’t bother taking your car anywhere around midtown on December 31st.  What to do if you must drive on NYE?  Try to avoid the area between 42nd street and 59th street from 5th Ave to 8th Ave.   

For those of you looking to get a great view of the ball drop, try to snag a spot on either Broadway or 7th Ave between 43rd and 50th St.  This will be the best location to watch the main event.  The police will begin barricading at 43rd street, blocking off any entrance to 7th Ave or Broadway.  The best advice for procuring a spot is to walk up either 6th Ave or 8th Ave.  The police will close off blocks, moving north, as the crowd begins to fill in.

No matter your strategy, expect to wait a while for the festivities to begin.  Most revelers, who secure good viewing locations, must wait from mid afternoon NYE onward to the big moment.  If you are part of this die-hard percentage, wanting to experience this must-see event, then I advise that you bring supplies.  Pack folding chairs and enough nourishment to last you through the evening.  Also note the temperature.  No matter what, it is going to be COLD.  Therefore, a Snowman jacket is a must have item on your packing list.         

The mystery of where to find an open restroom might still have to remain a mystery.  No portable restrooms will be brought to Times Square for the event, and the only true “public” restrooms are in the Times Square Museum and Visitors Center, which closes early on New Year’s Eve.  My advice?  Watch your liquids and avoid the hassle at all cost.

Speaking of liquids… NYE is often associated with alcohol.  The stroke of midnight is usually toasted with a glass (or two) of champagne, prosecco, or something bubbly.  Unfortunately, it is illegal for you to consume alcoholic beverages into the barricaded Time Square area; public drinking is illegal everywhere in New York.  This being said, the police are certainly not checking everyone’s bag.  A NYE buzz is up for you to gamble.   

Have some extra cash, definitely want some booze, and are looking to have the absolute night of your life?  There is no way to avoid the crowds or the lines.  There is, however, a Times Square Party Pass for purchase.  The price is steep, ranging from $295 (7pm – 4am) to $235 (9pm – 4am), but this ticket lets you move freely in and out of the police barricades, gives you access to several open bars, hors d’oeuvre buffets, limited edition party favors, coat checks, and much more.  With this Party Pass, you also receive free entry into Official NYE After Parties. 

 No matter how you choose to spend your NYE, make sure you have a blast and don’t let the crowds frustrate you.  This time of year is all about fresh starts and new beginnings.  So stay warm, bundle up Snowman style, and ring in the New Year!    

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