• 42: The FW Collection and NYC Attitude
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42: The FW Collection and NYC Attitude

Danger. Excitement. Energy. Reinvention. These words categorize SNOWMAN’s 42 Collection as well as Midtown’s iterations of 42nd Street. Our Brand is focused on understanding and embracing the urban NYC lifestyle and landscape. As we embrace the present, we cannot negate the past.

Quality down outerwear meets high fashion and edge with 42, SNOWMAN’s FW 2014 Collection. By combining top quality nylon, leather, and fur textures in the garments, SNOWMAN has developed a unique take on down outerwear.

42 exudes the energy, creativity, and uniqueness at the heart of Midtown, 42nd Street. Areas such as Times Square and Bryant Park have been continuously reinvented throughout the decades. SNOWMAN embraces the rich cultural history of Manhattan with 42. This history is all about NYC Attitude.  

42 is not about the tourists or the billboards but about the emotion evoked by a district’s colorful past. Flashback to the late 70’s and early 80’s: Time Square is riddled with crime, danger, and potential energy. Prostitutes line the windows. Illicit drugs fill the parks. This edgy era of mayhem, of degenerate defamation, was crucial to the rebirth of the area. Time Square would be nothing without its past. What was once a magnet for ladies of the night and junkies is now one of the most frequented destinations on the globe. So what is a New York City look without an air of danger, without a corset nodding to the age of burlesque?

Where illuminated signs now advertise big Broadway hits, billboards once touted “$1.99 Big XXX Adult Hits.” In single 42nd street block you would pass signs from “Follie’s Burlesk” and “Peep Show Deluxe.”

These many layers of history – some not so shiny – are reflected in 42. This Collection is edgy, smart, and dangerous. It is a collection unlike any other. Our designs are daring, drastic, and often seductive. The three featured corset pieces include the Queen, Dutchess, and Knight. The names acknowledge the Victorian roots of Burlesque at a time before urban strip clubs. Other pieces include the Huntress – a fur a down combination designed for the daredevil in all of us. The Trooper and the Track, as the names imply, are not to be worn by the faint of heart. Danger and edge characterize this collection, as they characterized many eras in NYC history. We have created a collection that reflects the sentiments of the past, but each piece is geared towards a modern woman. These designs are for strong, bold, fearless women, ready to take on the city streets in 2014.

Each style demonstrates innovation though unique designs and premium materials. We have developed an aesthetic to reflect New York’s cultural history without sacrificing functionality.

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