• SNOWMAN benefitting LIVESTRONG: A New Community Partnership
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SNOWMAN benefitting LIVESTRONG: A New Community Partnership

What’s up next for SNOWMAN? An entirely new partnership.  Introducing SNOWMAN benefitting LIVESTRONG, a new project to raise money and awareness for a great cause. This is an opportunity for both the SNOWMAN brand and our loyal customers to connect with and support our communities.  So get shopping!  5% of each Trooper jacket pre-sold from the 42 Collection, FW14/15, will benefit the LIVESTRONG foundation.

Haven’t heard of LIVESTRONG? Remember ten years ago when those yellow bracelets became the most socially beneficial, omnipresent fashion trend in history?  That too was LIVESTRONG.  As a foundation, when they are not setting national and international trends, LIVESTRONG works to identify the issues faced by cancer survivors to improve quality of life for members of the global cancer community.  And now they are partners with SNOWMAN.

At SNOWMAN we care about lifestyles. We design for individuals and constantly seek to improve day-to-day life. By benefiting LIVESTRONG with the sale of the Trooper, we are furthering this quest. Our goal is to embrace, understand, and reinforce positivity and luxury in everyday existence. Join us. Improve your days with functional fashion and help improve other lives in the process.

LIVESTRONG’s mission is clear and powerful: “[They] empower the cancer community to address the unmet needs of cancer survivors. To do so, [they] encourage collaboration, knowledge-sharing and partnership. Then, [they] develop evidence-based solutions to address both the common and unique problems survivors are facing around the world.” Livestrong.org

Their programs are an inspiration to those of us here at SNOWMAN, especially their initiatives to effectively influence public policy on local, national, and global levels. We applaud the innovative techniques LIVESTRONG implements as well as the passion that founds their progress.

Do you think that every individual living with cancer deserves quality care? We do. And with your purchase of the Trooper, you will be taking a stand for individuals across the world. Next winter, be warm, fashionable, and philanthropic.

The limited edition LIVESTRONG by SNOWMAN Trooper jacket is designed to make you feel confident, like you can take on anything. The edgy design is biker-inspired with its asymmetrical zipper and double layer sleeves. It is unique in that it uses down fill in a biker jacket, a rare combination In addition to the intricate, innovative design, the Trooper still uses SNOWMAN’s high quality materials. With double layer down-proof nylon and PU leather, this ultra light jacket is filled with 90% down and only 10% feather. The versatile Trooper allows you to enjoy outdoor activities all winter long. By purchasing this jacket, you will look and feel bold. Strut your style and join the fight against cancer. By donating, you will feel amazing inside and out. Purchase your outerwear and take on the world. With the Trooper no goal is too great.

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