Lunchtime in Manhattan: Broadway Bites on 33rd!

We all know that Urbanites get sick of the usual at the deli, and now that the sun is out, there is no need to trek through the cold to get your usual. Mix it up and enjoy the weather with one of the city’s best for lunch: Broadway Bites!

Until August 1 st , from 11 AM-9 PM daily, right in the heart of Manhattan, get outside, have some fun, and enjoy some phenomenal food! This marketplace features everything from Bibimbap, to made-to-order pizza, to gelato.

Broadway Bites features some truly unique combinations, including Indian Tacos, summer rolls with fresh vegetables, and California street food. There truly is something for everybody. The lines get a bit long, especially at cult favorites, Roberta’s and Mexicue, but they move quickly, so plan accordingly.

Vegetarians and those who are gluten-free also have a variety of options. Chutney, which serves Indian tacos, has something for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Options change daily, so be sure to come back for more! All tacos are made with corn tortillas, making them gluten-sensitive approved. Mimi & Coco offers “teriyaki balls” made with rice and variety of fillings. Palenque offers arepas made with quinoa and corn, with fillings that everyone will love. Almost every booth has something for everyone, so be sure to scan all the menus that you can!

Those who are exclusively carnivores can find their niche at Mighty Balls, a vendor specializing in the art of meatballs. Offering a variety of flavors, there is something for every mood. Similarly, Carnival offers Brazilian meats. Mayhem & Scout’s sandwiches are unparalleled. With flavorful meats and creative spices, you can’t go wrong.

For those who want something sweet, Broadway Bites features a variety of options, especially for those who want something cool. La Newyorkina, Gelato Ti Amo, and Melt Bakery all offer ice cream treats for those who want it. The cannolis at Stuffed Artisan and the macarons at Macaron Parlor are exceptional.

Some vendors do sell alcoholic beverages, and Nunu Beers & Scoops offers alcoholic ice cream floats.

Seating, especially in the shade, can be hard to come by, so be prepared to walk a bit and bring your sunscreen and sunglasses! Treat it like a vacation; After all, the variety of exotic food will take you to another land. Best lunch break ever? Y ​es.

Broadway Bites by Urbanspace. June 3-August 1, 2014 and October 1-November 14, 2014. Greely Square Park, located at the intersection of 33 rd St and Broadway.

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