• Top Four Stops for Fright This Halloween: SNOWMAN Explores a Haunted NYC
Top Four Stops for Fright This Halloween: SNOWMAN Explores a Haunted NYC

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of fall in New York City, we must make time to celebrate the spookiest of holidays.  Halloween is a time for revelry, but more importantly, for fright!  Don your goblin gear and hit the streets of NYC.  SNOWMAN has given you a list of the best Haunted Houses that the city has to offer.  And by best, we mean scariest.  So be prepared for a night you will not forget!  Generally these houses close in the beginning of November, so hurry and get your fright in time for the season’s end.     

Students at New York’s City Tech Theatreworks program produce this technology-run haunted house, the Gravesend Inn Haunted House.  The talking paintings, among a host of spooky surprises, all respond to motion sensors.  Not to worry, this tidbit of information will not ruin the surprise; the Gravesend Inn is one of the most terrifying houses that this city has to offer.  The Gravesend Inn Haunted House is located at the NYC College of Technology’s Voorhees Building at 186 Jay Street.

Blood Manor is a 5,000 square foot maze.  This reasonably priced ticket is deemed appropriate only for adults over 14 years old.  This SoHo haunt is complete with all the scariest creatures in various themed rooms throughout the manor.  While tickets are reasonable between $28 and $35, you can opt in for a $50 “R.I.P ticket.”  This ticket helps you avoid long lines, which are common at this frequented “haunt,” located at 163 Varick Street.

The Blackout Haunted House, located at the Vortex theatre, is a solo excursion for only the bravest of ghouls.  Visitors are given a mask and flashlight and warned against visions of extreme violence in addition to physical contact.  No harm will come to those that enter, but every visitor is given a safe word if an early exist is requested.  You must be 18 years or older to enter with no exceptions.  Tickets range from $35 to $65 depending on the time and date of entrance.  This Haunted House is located at 164 Eleventh Ave, between 22nd and 23rd Sts, 10011.

Times Scare, as the name implies, is just off Times Square.  If you are insanely busy these next few weeks, not to worry. Times Scare is open year round.  This venue will appeal to a wider variety of audiences and is complete with a Hotel of Horrors, Magic Show, and Crypt Café, which serves cocktails to clam the nerves.  Located at 669 Eighth Ave, Times Scare is for those who might not want as intense an experience as the Blackout Haunted house.  Tickets are $27 at all times.


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