• 5 Addicting Netflix Shows to Binge Watch
5 Addicting Netflix Shows to Binge Watch

Let’s face it, finding the next TV show to binge-watch on Netflix is such a struggle. You are scrolling through the suggestions, but don’t want to put in the effort to start a new TV show?
Stress no more, here are 5 of the top editor choice of the hottest TV shows on Netflix. Pick one and enjoy your night in. 

Don’t F**k With Cats
You have probably heard about this “cat TV show thing” people have been talking about. Trust me, it’s nothing like what you would expect. If you love a good true crime documentary, then this one would be a great one for you. This is one of those “ this is so crazy but I can’t stop watching” type of documentary. It is a 3-part series about one of Canada’s most infamous online murderers. It all started with an online video of someone murdering two kittens that went viral. But things escalated quickly from there. Watch to see the whole story! 

Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020
This one took me so long to finally put in the effort to start, but wow, this one is ADDICTING. It is a popular Japanese reality television series that documents three women and three men as they temporarily live together in a house in Setagaya, Tokyo. The TV show comes in 3 parts with 12 episodes each part so make sure you clear out your plans so you can binge-watch all weekend. Terrace House is nothing like your average reality TV show. Not a lot of “action” happening in the show. But I ensure you it is a lot juicier than your average American dating shows. We can see the cultural differences in the Japanese way of expressing love. Terrance House is a dating show, though it doesn’t announce itself as such. Every member of the house has a goal of their own they would like to achieve during their stay at the house. Once they achieved their goal, they can decide to leave the house that’s when a new member is being introduced. This might break or make a couple, or even better, a love triangle.   

You might be a fan already. The stalker boyfriend is striking again for another season. You might know him as Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl -- the “lonely boy” is back as Joe Goldberg, the creepy stalker bookseller. Based on the thriller novel by Caroline Kepnes, the show followed Joe Golberg as he began to stalk a woman named Beck, as he eventually became his perfect boyfriend. Just when you think it is a sweet love story of two strangers falling in love, things started snowballing from that point. The protective boyfriend will eliminate anyone who comes his way. Although it is addicting, the show sometimes doesn’t really make a lot of sense. But that’s why we love a good fantasy! 

Vogue, vogue, vogue, and POSE! If you live for Ru Paul’s Drag Race, then this is your show. POSE is inspired by the legendary 80s  documentary Paris is Buring, a time when Madonna’s Vogue is playing everywhere and the underground ballroom scene was blowing up. The show showed the peak and the not so glorious time of the 80s. A time when discrimination, sexism, and poverty were some main issues in society. That is part of the reasons the ballroom culture was formed. The ballroom was a haven to mostly black and Latino trans and gay people. A place where they feel the safest to express themselves through voguing and competing for different categories showoffs in the ballroom. Most of the actresses and actors in the show are actual legendary Vogue-ers. So you are getting a whole real performance. Season 2 is out if you haven’t seen it at all, this is the best time for you to binge-watch! 

Sex Education 
Sex. The main thing that’s on teenagers’ minds. We all needed guidance in that socially awkward period of our lives. Although the show is very “American”, Sex Education is based in the UK. Asa Butterfield stars as Otis Milburn, a socially awkward high schooler who has a mother that happens to be a sex therapist. Otis became the go-to sexpert and started charging money for sex consultation. The comedy touched on a lot of taboo topics, which is why makes the show so popular. So popular that they are making a 3rd season! This one is a great option when you are looking for some brainless comedy-drama to binge on.   

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