5 effective ways to clean out your closet while staying safe at home


“It’s often what we hold on to that holds us back”

Stuck at home and running out of Netflix shows to watch? Be productive and declutter during this quarantine! This is the perfect moment to organize those closets you’ve been procrastinating to clean. We know it’s difficult to say goodbye to those old college sweatshirts or that dress that still has the tag on “just in case you might need it one day”, but purging and curating your closet is just what you’ll need to feel accomplished.

1. Empty Out Your Entire Closet

  • This is the most tedious part, but entirely worth it in the end. It will give you the necessary, clean space to work with. While you take out all your clothes, really reflect on what your current style is or what you aspire it to be. This will give you a better visual on what to keep!

2. Keep Yourself Entertained!

  • Maybe it’s the trauma of growing up knowing cleaning was considered a chore, but most of us have difficulty bringing ourselves to do it. It’s important to see it not as a punishment, but rather as an activity. Whether it’s blasting some throwbacks or listening to your favorite Bachelor podcast, make decluttering fun!

3. Separate Your Clothes into Different Piles

  • Now that you have something playing, you are ready to start saying your goodbyes. We know this is difficult but by asking yourself the following questions, you will be able to really put things into perspective. Start by asking yourself…
Have I worn it in the past year?
Does it still fit?
Is it in good condition?
Does it have sentimental value?
Do you have any repeats?
  • As you go through the pile, sort it into three different categories: “in a relationship”, “it’s complicated”, “break up”! Stay in a relationship with those you want to put on right this second or those you can’t live without. You know exactly which ones they are, so this part is easy. Now those that you are unsure about or feel guilty getting rid of, put in a separate box but don’t toss out just yet! Store it away and if you find yourself searching for something in it in the upcoming weeks, keep it, but if you forgot about it, it’s time to have “the talk” and end things. You can also place those items you can fix into this pile. (Make a fun day out of it and upcycle these clothes). No breakup is easy, but definitely a necessary evil. Ditch any article of clothing you don’t find yourself wearing, still has the tag on, doesn’t fit, or is way too distressed.


4. Time to Store

  • Your “in a relationship” pile is ready to be put away in an orderly manner. There are multiple ways to store depending on the structure of your closet, but what we find most effective for those with busy schedules is to separate by type of clothing and then by color. This will make it much easier to get ready in the mornings and start off your day right. To prevent clutter, create a system on how to put things away. For example, get shoe bins, hooks for accessories, and shelves for stacking sweaters or jeans.

5. Donate or Sell!

  • DO NOT throw away your clothes! There are wonderful organizations that work with shopaholics like ourselves to take your clothes and find them new homes. Find your local Goodwill, thrift store, or consignment shop. There are also plenty of websites like Poshmark or Thredup that you can resale your clothes in. The fashion industry is one of the most detrimental to our environment and it is crucial to foster sustainable change.

Now you will have a clearer understanding of what you are lacking in that super organized closet of yours, making it time to shop for those missing essentials! Here at Snowman, we have the perfect coats that will survive any purge. Our practical, yet fashionable outerwear is timeless, no matter the trend.. having you always “stay in a relationship” with us. 

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