Any given day in New York, the city is teeming with life – a continuous sensory overload, filled with hard-working professionals. Our brand emulates the nuances of this existence. There is no city like New York City, and SNOWMAN is just as unique – channeling the individuality of our consumers. SNOWMAN is a high fashion down outerwear line as well as an unparalleled fashion lifestyle brand. We have smart silhouettes and edgy designs, but we couple them with the attitude of NYC culture. We are bold, energetic, and constantly pushing the envelope just like the young professionals who wear our clothing.

Our brand covers all your fashion needs because we understand your lifestyle. We are versatile and multi-faceted, just like you. Not only are you always on-the-go, but you are spirited, with a mood for every occasion. We too can be wild, witty, tasteful, and colorful. There are days to push the envelope and let your inner craziness shine through. There are other days when you need to seal the deal at an interview. SNOWMAN looks flip from day to night, inside to outside, and work to play. New York City is a city of contrasting opposites and frequent oxymorons. SNOWMAN embraces these dualities – making durable down high fashion and giving luxury quality a gritty edge.

SNOWMAN is stepping outside the traditional box of commercial outerwear because we want our designs to have more depth and meaning. We seek to understand the driving forces of the New York City climate and engage in social, political, and cultural discussions that proliferate among the five boroughs. Our clients like to ask the daring questions, and so do we. Yes, you love fashion, you love turning heads when walking down the streets, but you know that there is more to the city lifestyle than the surface. SNOWMAN seeks to provide high quality and high fashion, but we also hope to provide you with platforms to engage with us - platforms so that we can give each other food for thought. We speak frequently about the idea of New York City Lifestyle and New York City Culture. These concepts frequent our publications because we want to give you more than just clothes. Let’s engage our hearts and our minds as well as our bodies. Welcome to SNOWMAN.

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