Dog Park Politics

All Dogs, from the St. Bernard’s to the Miniature Poodles, need to get out of their cooped-up New York apartments and roam. But alas, the days of sunshine and blue skies are leaving, and your dog, despite the change in weather, is still just as rambunctious and ready to run. Therefore thousands of New Yorkers fare the nippy air and head to the Dog Park. There are about 30 Dog Parks and Runs, maintained by NYCparks in Manhattan alone. While 30 seems like a lot, think of all the dogs; things get crazy and even competitive.

There are certain health risks associated with trips to the dog park. Dogs can catch “kennel cough” or even develop stress problems. Just like humans some dogs are more social than others. That means that certain dogs become overly stressed in the high-energy environment of the park. Fleas can also be easily transmitted in these close quarters. But if you know your dog, and you are a regular vet visitor, these health issues should not pose any threat to your dog. A day at the dog park should be, well, a day at the park!

Think again. Welcome to Dog Park Politics. There are NYPD-enforced laws, such as the fact every dog owner must carry proof of a current, updated dog license whenever the dog is in public. But there are also the politics of Dogs and Owners. Who is the Sunday morning alpha male (four-legged and otherwise)? Who has the most lustrous, well-kept coat? While the Afghan Hound who just arrived from the groomers is a viable candidate, you have SNOWMAN on your side. Even though you just threw the down jacket over your pajamas (hey! It’s early, we get it), you are standing out as the fashionista of the pack. No event is too mundane for fashion. At SNOWMAN, we want you to put your best foot forward – even in the world of paws.

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