• Celebrating Earth Day
Celebrating Earth Day

There is a certain beauty within the coexistence of nature and the artificial finishes of our homes I cannot quite grasp. It is a beauty that epitomizes the city as the world-renowned concrete jungle.

Since 1970, we have celebrated Mother Earth through annual global Earth Day events. This year’s Earth Day brings to light the abundant use of plastic in our daily lives, themed “End Plastic pollution” to raise awareness to the build of a non- biodegradable substance on our planet.

This Sunday brings New Yorkers from all across the city towards the outdoors to gather and celebrate in the numerous parks, streets and rooftops that will present exciting events to support current environmental groups, activists and advocates. Union Square Park brought excitement last weekend to the downtown area while hosting an unmissable block party featuring numerous foods and products to sample while live bands entertained the crowd. Don’t miss your chance for an another great, free, organic festival this upcoming weekend at Arlo Camp, West Village that will bring acoustic live music and fundraisers all weekend long! While additional activities from shopping for sustainability produced foods to arts and craft, this is an event not to be missed.

Arlo SoHo- 231 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013
Sunday 4/22, starting at 12 pm

While downtown offers a weekend of fun and music, travel uptown to connect with the city’s streets and grasp the opportunity to experience a walk in the city like never before. Stroll through a stretch of 20 blocks of Broadway, one of the most famed streets of Manhattan, stress-free, worry free and most importantly vehicle-free! Treat yourself to a relaxing promenade with your favorite SNOWMAN spring jacket in a reimagined New York City.

Broadway (walk) between 47th st- 26th st.
Saturday 4/21
9:00am - 3:00pm


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