• Spring Time in NYC
Spring Time in NYC

As the gray skies of New York city slowly turn to blue, after a long winter of low temperatures and raging winds, the city is waiting for the leaves to turn to the lively colors they were. The city is once again, ready for spring. It is time to embrace a new season, one of warmth and blossoming life. It is the time to leave the comfort of your warm blankets and hit the streets once again.

In a city as New York City, there are limitless options for fun and adventure whether in the concrete jungle or the numerous parks the city presents. Take a walk in the city’s iconic central park as the weather warms and rediscover the nature and beauty that had been concealed throughout the winter. Or travel downtown and eat by the steps of the beautiful fountain in Washington Square Park. Take in a breath of fresh air as the spring comes and enjoy the warmth and happiness. Swing by Macy’s Flower Show to kickstart the journey as they present this year’s “Once Upon a Springtime” exhibit at Herald Square. With the promise of enchanting exhibits and installations, you will be memorised by colors and life.

Whether it is a walk in the park or a visit at “Once Upon a Springtime”, outdoors activities or city strolls, it is the freshening experiences that recalls of all the things that we have missed during the chilling winter season. Despite the promise of warming weather, spring is a time of transition and unpredictable weather. While on an eventful evening outing, our light jackets from this year’s Spring collection will keep you warm and shield you from the light chills and spring breezes and during times of unpredictable weather change, ensure that your plans will not be disturbed. Our foldable rain jacket will be the ideal accessory to easily carry with you throughout the day and use when in need without impeding your activities. Available in a range of fun colors, whether it is the busy streets, the blossoming parks or enchanting flower exhibits, rest assured that you will not be outshone by the blossoming flowers.

Macy’s Flower Show: 
Sunday March 25th- Sunday, April 8th


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