• Holiday Season in the City
Holiday Season in the City

Christmas in New York is a can’t miss sort of thing.

It’s like the whole city gets into the holiday spirit, even the grumpiest of New
Yorkers. It’ll leave you wondering if everyone is getting visits from ghosts of
Christmas past, present, and yet to come.

But that’s not the case.

It’s just the most wonderful time of the year officially kicks off once Macys puts on
their Thanksgiving Day Parade with their massive balloons and floats. A suspenseful countdown then begins as everyone awaits the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting. The tree even makes the news when it arrives. New Yorkers and tourists alike also look forward to the unveiling of the city’s top department stores’ holiday windows. They’ll even stand in freezing temperatures to witness the artistry and immaculate attention to detail stores like Bloomindales, Bergdorf Goodman, and Macy’s put on display.

Every year brings a new story to these windows. Last year Macy’s paid homage to Charlie Brown and the peanuts gang including Linus playing a piano. What story will they tell this year? Find out for yourself as we’ve set you up with a Christmas in New York Window Display itinerary. We’ve also included some cool restaurants, bakeries, and holiday markets on your route. Did someone say fireplace in New York City??

This year, the Grinch stole Bloomingdales and he wants you to make a list, check it twice, and keep the stuff you like for yourself. The iced out whoville inspired mannequins will pull you into Bloomingdales to pick up a little something for yourself. Hey it gets cold out there waiting to snag your instaworthy pic in front of the windows. Luckily you can pick up a SNOWMAN puffer at this Bloomingdales location and not only stay warm but also in style. You’ll need it as these interactive displays get you to spread the holiday cheer with caroling karaoke and resting Grinch face selfies. Vocal chords a little rusty? Then warm them up with tea infused cocktails over at Alice’s Tea Cup. This dreamy tea parlor also serves an all day menu, which includes everything from scones to hamburgers. Start off your window display journey treating yourself. The Grinch approves.

Bergdorf Goodman
Forget a Winter Wonderland. Head over into the West Side where Candyland takes over Bergdorf Goodman. Themed Bergdorf Goodies, these window displays celebrate holiday sweets, treats, and candy canes all the way! Gingerbread men are tricked out with Gucci beanies and this season’s couture is paired with peppermints and macaroons (designer shoes too of course). If these sugar rushed displays leave you needing your fix then head over to Billy’s Bakery where the warm aroma of their homemade pumpkin pies, white chocolate mint cupcakes, and holiday sugar cookies will make you forget about chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Saks Fifth Avenue
Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult and expensive to see a Broadway show (I’m looking at you Hamilton!). Luckily you get a free front row seat at this year’s Saks Fifth Avenue’s Theatre of Dreams. Walk through a rainbow of different acts as the main character pampers herself on each floor of the iconic department store. Our heroine shops till she drops treating herself to the top beauty products and the latest in designer fashion. Who knew Versace paired with Christmas trees could been Vogue? Once you’ve experienced the final act, cross 5th Avenue to look up and get the full experience of Saks light and music show. By the way, there’ll be this tree Rockefeller Center puts up every year behind you. Its kind of a big deal ;)
Afterwards, walk down 5th Avenue to Bryant Park’s Winter Village. Shop like the old times at this outdoor market where you can snag local art as well as goods from all over the world. While you’re there, ice skate at The Rink. It’s cheaper and easier than trying to do it at Rockefeller. They have their own tree too!

How can we wrap this to-do list without mentioning this year’s Miracle on 34th street? No, a little girl does not get the city to believe in Santa and Rudolph does not go down in history this time around. At Macy’s window displays, Sunny the Snowpal gets the job done helping Santa deliver joy and gifts throughout the Christmas night. This space-age snowgirl made her debut at this year’s Thanksgiving Day parade and you’ll get to know just how handy she is throughout these interactive window displays. Press a play button to make surprise characters pop out behind closed doors and Santa’s sleigh even turns upside down. Don’t worry; Sunny is there to get him back on his feet.

After a long day of window gazing and shopping, cozy up by the fireplace at The Vine. Located in the Kimpton Hotel, the eclectic décor will wind you down as you sip on their seasonal craft cocktails, eat their buzzworthy wood fired pizza, and check your Christmas list twice. Afterall, you gotta make sure this year’s holiday window displays don’t cause you to just gift yourself.

And if they do, don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone. Not even Santa ;)

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