• Bryant Park – Our Favorite Winter Village Holiday Shops
Bryant Park – Our Favorite Winter Village Holiday Shops

They say New York is the city that never sleeps.

How can it?

With its a million and one things to do, New York has a way of giving you serious FOMO. Whether it’s waiting in line for a rainbow bagel or catching an entire exhibit dedicated to candy or Rosé, New York is a city filled with countless once in a lifetime experiences.

But don’t count classic NYC attractions out. Places like Bryant Park remain in season with its blues brunches, music festivals and movie nights under the stars. You can still sneak away from the frenzy that the holiday season in New York can bring by visiting Bryant Park’s Winter Village. Tucked behind the iconic New York Public Library, the village is like a secret garden you never knew could hide amidst the hustle and bustle of Times Square and 34th St. With a glistening 17,000 square foot rink that sits in front of a colorfully decorated Christmas tree and an outdoor market that features over 170 shops from around the world, the Winter Village lifts the holiday spirits but also creates an authentically rustic atmosphere that leaves you thinking, “only in New York.”

That’s the sentiment that pushed us to collaborate with Bryant Park back in 2014. Capturing New York’s unique city culture, we released the Original 882 as Bryant Park holds a special place in our SNOWMAN hearts. We hope you see what we mean as we’ve created a list of what not to miss when you visit the little world that is Bryant Park’s Winter Village.

Tasty Treats:

For the foodie in all of us, Bryant Park’s Winter Village serves a diverse menu of eateries. From luxurious treats to enjoy while stopping by each kiosk or after gliding around the ice-skating rink, you can feed that sweet tooth with Aux Merveilleuz's delectable artisan pastries or macaroon’s from NYC’s first cat cafe Meow Parlou. Don’t worry though, the cats won’t be handling your order.

For something lighter, Cous Cous NYC offers a hearty but healthy Mediterranean bowl to fuel your day. If the last thing you think of when the holidays roll around is eating healthy then hit up Frida's Favorites, a Mexican Cantina bringing traditional Mexican food with the cosmopolitan pizazz of NYC.

Have more than a New York minute to slow things down?  Then grab a seat at the Winter Village’s new rinkside food hall The Lodge. Featuring both a festive cocktail bar and an outdoor beer garden plus new and classic NYC restaurants, The Lodge will prove why people say New York has some of the best food out there.

Glitzy Gifts

Admit it. For every present you buy your loved ones you get a little something for yourself too. Hey we don’t blame you especially when the Winter Village has shops such as Friction Jewelry whose hand crafted pendants are made from copper, silver, and gold-dipped fallen leaves.

If you’re over the same t-shirts you see selling on every corner then stop by Northern Tribe NY. This family owned t-shirt business has set up shop with the Winter Village since 2004 and has t-shirts devoted to every NYC borough. The trendsetter in your family will thank you.

Not a clue as to what to get your cousin you haven’t seen in years? Then check out the winter wear at Winter Sense and Winterbourne Alpaca. If you really want to impress your loved ones then hit up lifestyle brand Brazilian Home Collection whose handmade products are sustainably sourced right from Brazil.

Did 2018 get the better of you? Then truly wind down and hit the reset button by visiting Ebb & Flow. Their natural bath products, candles, and room sprays fill your rooms with an exotic and powerful aura that’s both good for your health and wellbeing. Sorry, Grandma, but that foot massager you gave last year just isn’t cutting it.

For the aspiring artist in your family, visit Elementem Photography to admire their beautiful landscapes. Merging photography with printing techniques, these works of art will mesmerize you to the point that you’ll never give credit to any Instagram photo ever again. No thank you, filters.

Bryant Park’s Winter Village has just what you need. Their 170 chalets of food and gifts look like they’re right out of Santa’s own funky Christmas Village. Outside of the shops, the holiday atmosphere is like visiting the North Pole without ever having to leave our beloved New York City. Which reminds us, don’t forget your winter hats, gloves and SNOWMan jackets and we will see you at The Lodge with a Cosmopolitan!

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