Roses are red violets are blue, if the most romantic day of the year makes you weary how about you try something new?

Whether you're in a serious relationship, just dating, or living up the single life, valentines day can give just about anyone out there some serious anxiety. How do you plan the perfect date so your partner knows you're totally into them? What do you do when you're just getting to know someone? And if you’re single, do you avoid the whole scene entirely and Netflix and chill...by yourself?

Stop the worrying and overanalyzing.

Here at Snowman we embody New York City culture with all its boldness, uniqueness, and countless things to do. We believe in throwing on that Snowman puffer to take on this urban jungle while doing the coolest things the city has to offer.

So how do you do that on February 14th?

Skip the heart shape chocolates from the corner pharmacy, the overpriced romantic dinner,  and don't you dare stay in watching sappy rom-coms that make you feel the worst because, well, they're just terrible. Try one of these out-of-the-ordinary things to do that will leave you forgetting it’s Valentine’s day altogether.


Kings Thai Boxing

Become the badass you always knew you were when you punch, kick, and knee (that’s right I said knee) your way to Kings Thai Boxing. Real life fighters teach you Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand where you learn to use your eight limbs meaning your hands, elbows, knees, and legs to mimic weapons of war, like swords, daggers, and hammers. Not only you’ll learn how to fight, you’ll also be taught how to protect yourself using your shins and forearms as shields. What’s even better is that you don’t need any experience to try this martial art. The fighters coach you along the way and if you walk in solo, they’ll pair you with one of the many welcoming members. Sign up and you just might get a free pair of gloves and shin guards. Now isn’t that the most romantic thing you ever heard?

City Hall Station

Like having a dinner reservation at the most high end restaurant in NYC, impress your date and even yourself by visiting the now abandoned City Hall station. It’s more likely you’ll ride past it,  but if you can’t avoid taking a train on this day, then make those delays and stalled moments worth it by visiting the station which dawns glass tiles and large chandeliers. It is one of the first stations to be built in 1904. You can get a taste of NYC history when you stay on the 6 train as it loops back uptown after its last stop at Brooklyn Bridge. Exclusivity is key in NYC so what’s more posh than arched ceilings and skylights that most people in New York don’t know about?



If SPAs, couple massages, and mani/pedis just don’t cut it for you, chill out at New York’s first recovery studio.Offering services like cellular massages, zonal air compression treatments, and 30-min restorative sleep that makes you feel like you have rested for 2-3 hours, Recover set out to restore, reboot, and reshape even the most stressed out New Yorker with the help of fitness professionals and therapists. Choose from either 30 min to 1 hr sessions to optimize your mind, body, and soul. Who said you need someone to make you feel good when you can do it yourself at Recover?


Round K

Forget about the usual steak dinner. To show just how black and bitter your heart is, visit this one of a kind cafe. Known for their Matte Black Latte which mixes their Round Khell blend with 98% dutch processed cacao and almond milk, Round K’s restaurant area is tucked behind a curtain separating you from their cafe area, making it both a romantic spot to hit if you need some alone time. It’s intimate ambience is reminiscent of Korean coffee shops. So you don’t have to travel far to get a bit cultured. Try any of their dishes with their kimchi butter and if you need something cheesy on this occasion, order them the Astronaut coffee and say, “I love you to the moon and back.” So don’t say we never gave you any dating tips ;)

This Valentine’s day, do you really want to give another stuffed bear whose seams will come undone soon enough? On the other side, do you really prefer staying in alone and eating ice cream? That’s so 90’s sitcom television of you. Whether you need to get some aggression out, learn something new about New York City, unwind, or taste something you’ve never had before, get out and try one of these places. And if none of this works at least you have your Snowman Jacket to keep you warm at night. Always look at the bright side!

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