Winter blues got you stuck inside? 

With a polar vortex in sight, I really don’t blame you. Who wants to put on layers of sweaters, tights, scarves, and hats just to frantically pull them off when you get on a crowded train whose heat is on full blast?   

Luckily with SNOWMAN’s ultra lightweight and premium down insulation you can still take on the city while staying warm and stylish no matter the weather. After all, has any snow, slush, or below zero temperatures ever stopped New Yorkers before? Let's brace this winter head on with some of the coolest and most unique attractions each New York City borough has to offer. Venture out of your four block-radius while keeping toasty and looking good.


Manhattan: Seaport Rooftop Ice Rink 

The only rooftop ice rink in New York City sits on top of the Seaport's Pier 17. Skate with grace while indulging the panoramic views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, and East River. Rest your legs in The Tank, a warming hut right at rinkside or at one of the two fireplaces at the R17 bar. Need another reason to head outdoors? I'll just throw in there that this rooftop has food trucks offering spiked hot cocoa and cider. I know where I'll be!


Brooklyn: Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg Winter Market

I know Christmas was a month ago but who says you received enough gifts? Treat yourself by shopping all things vintage at Brooklyn Flea. Located at Atlantic Center across from the Barclays, New York’s top outdoor bazaar heads indoors to keep you warm just a little bit. Find rare records, vintage clothing, and antiques so classic it’s going to feel too good to be true to actually have in your hands. Another bonus? You don’t have to head outdoors for something to munch on as you can also find Smorgasburg at the same location. You can now truly anticipate your Ramen Burger and snack on some of the most creative dishes like a pizza cupcake, pho in a cup, and a truly handmade waffle cone ice cream. After all do you really enjoy waiting on those long Smorgaburg lines during the Summer heat? Yeah me neither.


Queens: Socrates Sculpture Park

Was one of your resolutions to get more cultured? It’s not too late to start that up and there’s no need to pay for admission to a museum or gallery (but by all means do so!). Visit this waterfront park that is more of an open studio for artists. Once an abandoned landfill, this outdoor museum has supported more than 1000 artists and provides a space to house larger than life installations. Don’t miss this season’s Socrates Annual where they display work from winners of the Park’s Emerging Artists fellowship. Honoring diversity in themes, materials and processes, be the first to know about these artists before they get big. You can even walk through some of the pieces. Talk about a walking piece of art!


The Bronx: New York Botanical Garden

If you need a quick getaway to the tropics, head up to the Botanical Garden’s Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. This Victorian inspired greenhouse takes your senses beachside as it cultivates water lilies and palms from across the globe. Venture through small worlds of rainforests and deserts while also falling in love with the beauty of aquatic plants. Also take a walk through the Thain Family Forest which was one of the main reasons this particular area in the Bronx was chosen to build the NYBG. The largest uncut wooden landscape in New York has preserved Native American hunting trails and trees from the American Revolution. With a mix of class, culture and education, this experience will make you forget you’re still in New York City.  


Staten Island: Fort Wadsworth

The forgotten borough receives very little love from New Yorkers but once you get over the bumps and cold slaps of wind that accompany you during your ferry ride over, you’ll realize visiting New York’s long lost cousin is actually more than worth it. Once you hop off the ferry, walk right over to Enoteca Maria. Warm your soul with a home cooked meal just like grandma makes it. No, seriously. That’s exactly what you get as their Nonna’s of the World program hosts a different grandmother as the head chef every night. Talk about a nice homecoming. You know grandma would never let you leave the house without a full stomach so walk it off by heading over to Fort Wadsworth. The once longest manned military fort in America guards New York harbor and although it is now open to the public it still feels like it protects New York city. Make sure you have your SNOWMAN jacket as this fort towers at 3 stories! Lastly, visit the Chinese Scholar Garden. We know it’s not Spring weather but how can you pass walking through a garden that was originally built in China and then brought over to the United States? Get in touch with your inner Confucius as this garden helps you find peace and relaxation. Out of all places, who would have thought Staten Island could be so chill?


I know it feels like Mr. Frost is just trying to nibble your fingertips off but don’t let that trap you indoors this winter. Throw on that SNOWMAN coat and take advantage of the amazing city you’re in. Remember, that doesn’t just include Manhattan.


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