“A month of feeling the love, acceptance, and visibility I wish I saw all year long…” - Carly Corr

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, the first protest fighting for LQBTQ+ rights. Since this historical event first occurred in New York City, the city had the honor to host World Pride this month. There were over 50 unique events celebrating the diverse community, but Pridefest was the must go-to celebration. On Sunday June 30, 2019, thousands joined on 4th ave b/w union square and Astor pl to experience live music and activities during this spectacular event. The colorful environment was full of life not only for all the rainbow elements, but because of the message it sent. It is a time to acknowledge a community that has faced discrimination and suffered far too long. Here at SNOWMAN, we believe Pride month is a time for celebration, acceptance, and unity.

We asked some of our SNOWMAN LQBTQ+ community members what PRIDE Month means to them.  Here are some of our favorite quotes:

“It’s living unapologetically as yourself. It’s loving who you are and embracing every little bit of it. It’s feeling liberated from a past of so much shame and doubt. There’s really nothing like it. It’s pure joy.”- Brett Schratz

“To me, Pride Month is about embracing and celebrating such a unique part of our identity while remembering those who fearlessly, and fiercely, fought for our freedom to do so. Philly’s pride theme was all about the anniversary of stonewall and the black queer drag queens that rioted and were responsible for our movement. So that’s what I’m referencing”- Luke Viktor

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