After last weekend’s heatwave, we wanted to help cool you down with our favorite drinks of the summer! Whether its a post-work cocktail or a refreshing smoothie after your morning central park run, there are so many options that will make you feel ready to fight that city heat. We present SNOWMAN’s ultimate summer drinks guide for anyone in the city.


MAGIC MIX JUICERY- Hangover Helper

After a night out, head over to Magic Mix Juicery the next morning for their iconic Hangover Helper. This smoothie will give you the necessary boost to start off your day without that sluggish feeling. Its mix of coconut water, pineapple, banana, spirulina, ginger, maca, lemon, and mint will make sure you get things done as opposed to just crawling back into bed like we know we’ve done so many times before.


SERRA FIORITA- Frozen Aperol Spritz

After enjoying a sumptuous meal downstairs at Eataly, head upstairs to relax and digest while being surrounded by this rooftop bar’s gorgeous floral decor. Its vibrant atmosphere transports its customers to the Italian countryside and must be combined with the classic aperitivo drink, Aperol Spritz. Its bitter yet tasty profile will complete your Italian evening without having to leave New York. Make sure you stop by especially for their frozen twist on this traditional drink as you enjoy their live DJ events!


HI-COLLAR- Iced Coffee

Inspired by the Japanese Jazz Age, this cafe specializes in brewing tasty siphon coffees with their vast selection of beans. Their iced coffee choices include Cold Brew “Mizudashi” Iced Coffee and AeroPress Iced Coffee. Both will give you that deep, rich coffee taste without the burned bean aftertaste. If you’re feeling extra hot, treat yourself by adding a Ciao Bella gelato scoop making your drink a delicious affogato.



This classic brunch spot is the ideal location to make anyone feel like a true New Yorker. As you and your friends overlook Central Park, enjoy their perfectly traditional Bellini’s to accompany your almond crusted French toast. This peachy cocktail will be a refreshing way to start your day!



When thinking of New York in the summer, we always envision ourselves on a rooftop bar with a cocktail in hand. PH-D is the perfect place to go out with friends on a Saturday night while their Dream Girl cocktail is a fruity delight that will make the perfect complement for your girls night out. If you are lucky enough to be here at dusk, be sure to visit the lounge to catch the gorgeous sunset over their panoramic Manhattan skyline views.

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