Contest Alert!

Cold weather is almost here and that means we want to see your interpretation of our SNOWMAN aesthetic, and we are prepared to offer some cool prizes to entice you!...continue reading


After last weekend’s heatwave, we wanted to help cool you down with our favorite drinks of the summer! Whether its a post-work cocktail or a refreshing smoothie after your morning central park run, there are so many options that will make you feel ready to fight that city heat. We present SNOWMAN’s ultimate summer drinks guide for anyone in the city...continue reading


“A month of feeling the love, acceptance, and visibility I wish I saw all year long…” - Carly Corr

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, the first protest fighting for LQBTQ+ rights. Since this historical event first occurred in New York City, the city had the honor to host World Pride this month...continue reading


The theater community’s most anticipated night of the year took place this past Sunday in one of our city’s most iconic venues, Radio City Music Hall. The Tony Awards are a magical time for the city as actors, directors, and avid theatergoers gather to celebrate this season’s outstanding work...continue reading

SNOWMAN in Spring

They say April showers bring May flowers but does that mean I can wear my mini dress or not?

Spring is that in-between time where the sunshine fools you into thinking it’s time for strappy sandals and storing all your long-sleeve shirts away. But then night comes around. Chillier temperatures serve as a reminder that it’s not quite warm enough to let your toes out and that you need at least a cardigan to carry you warm into the night...continue reading

Our Fav Spring Activities in the City

Spring is all about fresh starts.
Cleaning out your closet.
Flowers blooming.
Matching your transitional SNOWMAN jacket with your new maxi dress.

Staying indoors is anything but an option as the days are longer, sunnier, and might I say happier? New York Springs are especially memorable as everyone decides it’s five o’clock somewhere and are out and about celebrating just about anything...continue reading

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