Bryant Park – Our Favorite Winter Village Holiday Shops

They say New York is the city that never sleeps.

How can it?

With its a million and one things to do, New York has a way of giving you serious FOMO. Whether it’s waiting in line for a rainbow bagel or catching an entire exhibit dedicated to candy or Rosé, New York is a city filled with countless once in a lifetime experiences...continue reading

Holiday Season in the City

Christmas in New York is a can’t miss sort of thing.

It’s like the whole city gets into the holiday spirit, even the grumpiest of New
Yorkers. It’ll leave you wondering if everyone is getting visits from ghosts of
Christmas past, present, and yet to come...continue reading


Greenpoint Open Studios (GOS) took place this past weekend with 400+ local artists opening up their studios to the public. This free 3-day event kicked off with a launch party on Friday, June 1 at Java Studios. Then it was two days packed full of open studios to tour along with walking tours and special events throughout. Finally, the event concluded on Sunday, June 3 with a Wrap Party at Northern Territory...continue reading

The World at your Feet

Steps may not be something you think twice about, but artists and architects around the world have worked to change that with colorful designs like the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps of San Francisco and the mosaic steps of Valparaíso, Chile. While the raison d'être for front steps was to keep the entrance above flowing water, they serve as a bridge between worlds, and in NYC, that bridge is an experience in itself. The steps of NYC not only lend itself to be a place of social gathering, but also as the perfect vantage point for people watching, a favorite NYC pastime...continue reading

Celebrating Earth Day

There is a certain beauty within the coexistence of nature and the artificial finishes of our homes I cannot quite grasp. While New York City, one of the world’s most famous concrete jungles.

Spring Time in NYC

As the gray skies of New York city slowly turn to blue, after a long winter of low temperatures and raging winds, the city is waiting for the leaves to turn to the lively colors they were. The city is once again, ready for spring. 

Staying Cool In New York City

As temperatures in New York City skyrocket, the challenge of escaping the city's heat has hit us once again.  That doesn’t mean you have to stay at home and use all of your A/C, you can still hit the streets of New York.  Here are a few ways to cool off in the concrete jungle and cut your electric bill. 

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